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4 Household Power-Saving Tips

Help teach your children about the importance of electricity and teach them how to save the planet with these useful power-saving tips. 
Electricity is a crucial part of our everyday lives, and even though we can’t do without it, there are ways we can still use it while being kinder to the environment. It’s easy to teach little ones how to be more energy-conscious if you incorporate the following tips into your own daily habits. 

Turn off the TV for Points

When leaving the lounge, many forget to turn the television off. It adds noise to the house and uses heaps of unnecessary electricity. Make a game out of this and get your kids to be more conscious of turning the appliance off before leaving the room. For every 5 times they switch the television off, they’re awarded points that can be redeemed for prizes (like the ones mentioned at the bottom of this post).

Saving Water with a Cool Cup

Some people forget to turn the tap off when they’re busy brushing their teeth. Educate your children by letting them know that this wastes water. However, if your little one struggles to keep this up, simply leave a fun cup (with their favourite cartoon character on it or in their favourite colour) by the basin for them to fill with water, instead of using water straight from the tap.

Switch off for the dark

When it’s dark at night, and everyone in the house has gone to bed, it’s time to do the light check. Make sure the lights are off, inside and out, so that you don’t waste electricity. Talk to your little ones about this, so that they remember to switch off if they make a bathroom trip in the night. A creative way in which to combat this is to give them a torch, and make it a fun adventure by torchlight. In addition to switching off at bedtime, you can also teach your children to turn off the lights when they are done in a room. For example, you can award them points for turning the bathroom light off when they are done using the toilet, and for turning off their bedroom light when they are not playing or sleeping in there. 

Don’t keep the Fridge open for long

Do you remember the last time that you stood in front of the fridge, pondering what you want to eat? Many are guilty of this, but children even more so. Kids aren’t as energy conscious, so as the parent, it’s important to remind them to decide before they open. Like getting points for switching the television off, you can also take points away for keeping the fridge door open for long periods of time. You can reiterate the fridge door policy while they are helping you make easy dinner recipes for kids.

Encourage your little ones to abide by these ideas and, if necessary, use prizes like an outing to the park, movie tickets, or pizza night to help them become more ‘green’.