Meals with Summer Vegetables


Meals with Summer Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables are great to buy for cheaper meal solutions. 
There is a great variety of veggies that grow exceptionally well in summer, and Whatsfordinner has a wide selection of easy dinner recipes for you to use them in! Find out more about our favourite seasonal veggies and how to put them to good use with the help of recipes that the whole family will love!


Carrots are great for maintaining your family's health and nutrition! These healthy root vegetables are an exceptionally rich source of Vitamin A (with almost 700 percent of the daily value your body requires in just a single serving), B and C. They also contain large amounts of dietary fibre, potassium and manganese!

Try out these two delicious recipes with carrots!
Carrot and Pesto Lasagne - using KNORR Lasagne Mate Chicken Lasagne
Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup - using KNORR Garlic and Herb Potato Bake


Mielies are tasty and sweet, perfect to add some fibre into your meal. This natural carbohydrate adds generous amounts of magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B6 and iron to your diet. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a braai-ed corn on the cob!

Here are some of Whatsfordinner’s corn recipes:
Creamy Pasta with Tuna, Corn and Cherry Tomatoes, using KNORR Tuna Mate Cheddar-Melt
Creamy Corn and Bacon Chowder, using KNORR Garlic and Herb Potato Bake

Green Beans

Green beans provide a variety of health benefits for you and your family, comprising large amounts of Vitamin A, K, C, B2 and B1, as well as manganese and fibre. This vegetable also contains the most antioxidants in the bean family.

Have a go at our recipes with tasty green beans.
Curried Samp and Beans, using KNORR Beef Stock Pot
Spicy Butternut and Green Bean Stew, using KNORR Thick Vegetable Soup

Remember to add a few extras from the KNORR range of products for an added boost of flavour!