being green in the kitchen


4 Tips on being Green in the Kitchen

There’s always waste in the home and kitchen, from plastic bags and crinkled foil to vegetable waste and food packaging.

Instead of simply throwing away large bags full of assorted ‘rubbish’, make an effort to be the ‘Eco-Friendly’ Queen of your kitchen, and recycle where you can! This will help you reduce waste, and get rid of materials in a green way.

Plastic Bags

Many people forget to bring their own shopping bags to the supermarket, so you’ll often find that you have an excess of plastic bags at home. Don’t simply throw them away when you have too many, you can reuse these plastic shopping bags for many things!
  • You can use them as small dustbin bags to tie up and throw away after use. Perfect for outdoor parties, the braai area and rooms where you are spring cleaning. 
  • Use them as both hand protection and to clean up after dogs when taking them for walks.
  • They can be used as shoe protectors for your expensive shoes when walking over gritty areas.
  • Keep some in your car for the next time that you go shopping.

Food Waste

Become a compost-enthusiast and recycle all your leftover raw veggies and fruit, including watermelon rinds, orange peels and potato skin. Perfect for the offcuts of all those vegetarian recipes! If you have pets in the garden, make sure that this pile is out of their reach – or you’ll have a messy garden to clean up. Once your compost has decomposed nicely and turned into mulch, you can use it to fertilise your garden. 

For the Garden

You can use ground nut shells and egg shells over soil to keep slugs and snails away, as they don’t like travelling over such rough and sharp surfaces.

Candied Citric Fruit Rinds

You can even eat some of your fruit waste! Boil the rinds from oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruits in equal parts water and sugar, for 2 hours. Then dip the strips in granulated sugar, and let them dry out on a rack. Once they’ve dried, you have tasty candied fruit rinds to enjoy as a sweet snack!
In addition to these 4 tips, you can also put a plastic bin and glassware bin in your kitchen so that you can separate things into their relevant disposal bin as soon as they’re ready to be thrown away. Once a month, take each bin to its relevant recycling depot which you should be able to source on the internet.