recycled crafts for kids

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Recycled Crafts for Kids

Get your children interested in recycling by starting them off with some fun activities. You can help them make exciting things simply by recycling unwanted items in the house. 

Here are some great ideas to get you and your little one started off. They’re so fun and simple that you will only need to give minimal input while you are whipping up your delicious dinner recipes.

Bottle Cap Lockets

Lockets are fun presents to make using bottle caps! Help your little ones by cutting out the face of a person or pet that they want in their locket. Use glue to stick the picture on the ‘underside’ of the bottle cap. Then all you need to do is poke a hole into the top side of the bottle cap using a thick needle or compass (only an adult should do this as it can be dangerous), string cotton or ribbon through the hole and then your little one has a special locket to wear or hang in their room.

Stationery Holder 

Your children can make stationery holders for their desks, using one square of hard card paper or cardboard, finished toilet rolls, spray paint, wood glue and dried pasta! Cut the toilet rolls to different lengths, so some can be used for paper clips, and some for long pencils. Arrange some different types of pasta for your little ones to stick onto the toilet rolls and cardboard using craft glue. Then let them spray or hand paint the rolls and card with their desired colour and allow the pieces to dry.  Stick one side of the toilet rolls on the card, allow to dry and there you go!

Egg Carton Tortoises

When you’ve finished the eggs in the kitchen, a great way to recycle the egg carton is to initiate this fun activity with your kids. Cut the individual egg holders/cups into separate pieces and cut out the head, legs and tail using a piece of green card paper. Get your children to decorate the shells and stick the green pieces carefully on the underside of the individual egg holders.

Knorr on Being Green

Did you know that, like our official colours, we strive to be as green as can be? Our old Cup-a-Soup display units that you used to see in the shops were repurposed to be more sustainable. The boards used for the stands have now been printed for educational purposes, and will be donated to underprivileged schools – growing future leaders and reducing waste!