Happy Kids

How to take advantage of Summer weekends with the Kids

Great ways to bond with your family!

Let the words ‘I’m bored’ be a phrase of the past and have some fun in your own city. 

Below are some helpful tips from the What’s for Dinner team focusing on fun and exciting fun things to do with your family that your children will love.

Garden Games

There are the typical favourite games, including tag, tug of war and water balloons, but you should definitely try out some more creative ones that are sure to keep little bodies entertained. Set up a 'Scavenger Hunt' with the little ones, and list various items that you can find in the garden. Here are a few to start you off:

1. Find 3 different and perfectly shaped dried leaves
2. Look for a stone that’s flat on one side
3. Search for weed from the garden, and pull it out (including the roots)

Nature can also be exciting

Find out where the local parks are situated as some often have different types of birds that enjoy the natural settings. Hype up your little ones by finding some books about the birds of South Africa and ask them to list the ones that they spot in the park. This is also a great way in which to get your little ones to start reading. Start off by visiting second-hand book shops. You’ll be sure to find some hidden treasures in those stores!

Weekend Hiking

There are many hiking trails that aren't too difficult for children to partake in, so do some research and get those hiking boots ready. Your children can start a scrap book using different plant leaves and flowers that they discover on the hike and you can always end the experience off with a picnic, Whatsfordinner has some great recipes for picnics that you could check out for inspiration.

If a picnic is not really your thing, we also have an array of kid-friendly, easy dinner recipes for you to try out in the comfort of your own home. Why not try your hand at these?