4 Tips to consider when making New Year Resolutions

Whether it’s losing weight, starting a new DIY project at home, learning new family dinner recipes or exercising more, a New Year’s resolution is often difficult to keep. 

Do you struggle to keep your resolutions? Make 2015 your year by creating New Year's resolutions that are both realistic and achievable. Check out the tips below on how to kick start your year!

1. Be Focused

Create focused goals for the New Year by making your resolutions clear. Write down ‘lose 5kg’ instead of having ‘lose weight’ as a resolution. ‘Losing weight’ is quite ambiguous and when you have resolutions like that, you can easily fall away from sticking to them.

2. Be Realistic

Being realistic plays a very important role when creating your resolutions for the New Year. ‘Exercise for 2 hours every day’ might be a bit unrealistic if you’re a working mom and if you haven’t actually been exercising at all  the previous year. Try to exercise three or four times a week to start off and, once you feel comfortable and fit enough, you'll eventually want to increase the number of times that you work out.

3. Allow hiccups

It's difficult to change routine and habits, so don't be too hard on yourself if you break a New Year's resolution. You can always try again! However, once you make a habit of breaking the resolutions, it's no longer considered a hiccup anymore. Try to stick to your resolutions because, at the end of the day, you are the one who wants to achieve and maintain the positive change.

4. Reward yourself

Rewards will keep you motivated, so treat yourself whenever you accomplish your goals. Pick rewards like a trip to the movies, a new item of clothing or go bowling with your friends. You might even want to treat yourself by trying out that interesting pancake recipe or by experimenting with romantic dinner recipes for two.