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5 Fruit and Vegetable Colours for Summer

Summer is definitely the perfect season to enjoy lighter and brighter meals! 

Colourful meals often suggest that there is a wide variety of health benefits and nutrients in the different ingredients. Whether it’s a bright orange papaya, a vibrantly green kiwi or even a brilliant red tomato, the natural pigment that gives fruit and vegetables their beautiful colours can also help protect your body from common diseases and illnesses.

Have a look at all the wonderful qualities that the different colours have for you and add some fun colours to your next dish!

Ravishing Red

The red pigment in tomatoes helps reduce the risk of various prostate cancers as well as other types of cancers.
Try out this delightful dish of Pasta with Roast Tomatoes, Feta and Olives

Yolky Yellow

This brilliant shade protects against Macular Degeneration, the number-one cause of blindness in the elderly. Check out this fun Creamy Pasta with Tuna, Corn and Cherry Tomatoes.

Outstanding Orange

This wonderful colour helps prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol and helps reduce the risk of stroke. Enjoy a light Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup with some freshly baked bread!

Gorgeous Green

The green in dark, leafy greens helps prevent cancer. Spinach is one these dark green leaves, and we have a great recipe for you! Have a go at this delicious dish of Spinach with a Cheesy Breadcrumb Topping!