Happy Kids

DIY Gifts for the Whole Family

For Granny

Help the kids make glamorous rings, using beautiful buttons. Head to a fabric store and get your children to pick out a few buttons that could pass as jewels. Also visit the craft shop and buy rings with flat tops on which the button can easily be glued on. Be sure to help the little ones with the gluing.

For Grandpa

From a hardware or craft store buy sheets of cork. With a carpet knife, cut into 10 cm x 10 cm squares or circles. Now choose a theme like animals, aeroplanes or patterns and get the kids to decorate the coasters with paint pens.

For Dad

Buy coffee mugs in any solid colours and head to the craft shop to pick up paint pens in a variety of colours. Get the kids to carefully write a message or draw a picture on each mug. Once complete place the mugs in the oven at 175◦C for 30 minutes to set their creations.

For Mom

Create a beautiful artwork for the house. Paint just the trunk and branches of a tree on a canvas. Pour a colourful colour paint into a paper plate. Get the kids to dip the bottom of an empty 2 litre soda bottle in the paint and press on the canvas to create flowers on the tree.

For the Cousins

From the store buy big jars, along with small plastic animal toys, also select a few tins of spray paint in bright colours. Remove the lids from the jars and glue an animal on top of each one and allow to dry. Spray paint the lids and toy animals. Fill the jar with sweets, bouncy balls and other surprises and lastly screw on the fun lid.