Wedding Bells

Chef Wendy

Wedding Bells

My sister-in-law Lindsay envisaged a beautiful country wedding for her special day!

This past weekend Barry and I packed our bags and headed off to the Highveld to attend his brother’s wedding in Dullstroom – also known as a small drinking town with a big fishing problem!

Dullstroom is a picturesque little town located in Mpumalanga and is famous for its fly-fishing locations. We love visiting Eric in Dullstroom and only wish we could make it up there more often!

Strolling down the main road in Dullstroom is a wonderful experience – so many little restaurants spill over onto the sidewalk with chalk boards popping out from everywhere advertising cheeses, trout and an assortment of delicacies!

And of course a visit to Dullstroom would not be complete without popping into Harries Pancakes – this time round we sampled the famous bobotie pancake – needless to say it was an absolute winner and thankfully for my waistline it is a far enough drive to not be able to visit every weekend! If the idea of a bobotie pancake has got your taste buds intrigued why not try out our Whatsfordinner version.


My sister-in-law Lindsay envisaged a beautiful country wedding for her special day – and all I can say was that her vision turned out exactly as planned. The ceremony began in a gorgeous stone chapel hand-built by the groom with the guests seated on hay bundles placed elegantly upon a saw dust strewn floor. 

The reception then began with a picnic and this is where I fit in! My role was to set up the picnic area and arrange all the elements for it – I dug deep and got the creative juices flowing and the result was fantastic! 

A variety of picnic baskets were placed onto the back of a vintage green Series 1 Toyota Land Cruiser complete with breadboards handmade by Barry for each guest. The baskets were spilling over with an abundance of cheeses, crackers, grapes, apples, baguettes, butter and nuts. The guests were able to grab a blanket, fill up their bread boards, kick off their shoes and find a spot under the setting sun to enjoy their picnic. 

And of course how could one have a picnic in Dullstroom without trout pate? There were even parasols and flip flops available for the ladies. It was such a unique experience and so different to the normal routine of having a plated starter followed by a buffet dinner.

The evening was a great success and filled with wonderful memories!