Friends, Food, Wine and Good Times

Chef Wendy

Friends, Food, Wine And Good Times

You just can't beat weekends spent with friends or family, with good food, great wine, and sharing.

And my weekend was jam packed with all of this, as well as some me time.

It was a weekend of celebrations - birthdays, new homes, start of an exercise plan, good news, successes at work... and what better way to share it than with friends and family, and great food.

I love being a chef, as I really believe that food brings people together. It is at the heart of most celebrations and family gatherings, and enriches every event. Friday night was family celebration time, and my mom, who is an awesome cook, provided us with a very tasty dinner.

Saturday morning was a birthday tea for me, with my friends and their 2 little children, who had helped with making jelly and cleaning strawberries. Decadent muffins, date balls, mince pies, strawberries, and lovingly made jelly! It was one of the most precious teas I have had, and I paid loads of compliments to the little cooks! Saturday evening was a house warming, so I duly whipped up some profiteroles filled with chocolate mousse and a mille feuille, with chocolate mousse and strawberries.

We had a bring and braai in true SA fashion, and I learnt something new from my friend. I have always made potato bake with KNORR Brown Onion Gravy, but Sal boiled baby potatoes, and then mixed KNORR Brown Onion Gravy with some melted Rama, and poured it over the hot potatoes and gave them a toss. Absolutely delicious, and a lighter, healthier option than cream and cheese laden potato bake.

As a chef, I just love the fact that every day, I pick up new ideas from friends and family, even my nephew! I must share his delicious baked, filled tortilla recipe... and his hint - wear swimming goggles when you chop the onion. You then are the Uber Sexy man who cooks (just look a bit funny!). 

Sunday, I decided to embark on an exercise routine, as all the socialising with friends, good food and wine takes it toll. My friend and I did a 4 km walk to Westwood mall, where her daughter and husband met us, and was lunchtime, so off we went to Primi, and had one of their new Sourdough Pizzas. OMW!!!!!!

Paper thin crispy base, with juicy, flavour-filled topping. We then comforted ourselves with the fact that we had walked off space for the pizza! I did then pay penance and did an extra hour of gym. What an awesome weekend... hope yours was as good, and interspersed with some great food experiences!