End Of Year Madness

Chef Wendy

End Of Year Madness

Why is it that as the year wind's down to Christmas, it just seems to get crazier and crazier?! 

To me, it seems like December is busier than any other month...so many birthdays, baby showers, farewells, and so much work to wrap up before one goes on leave.

I can't seem to find enough hours in a day, with back to back meetings, deadlines to meet and functions to attend. Thank heavens the German in me comes out, and all my Christmas shopping and wrapping is done and dusted by mid November.

I also seem to take on an extra generous personality, agreeing to help with catering, cooking, baking, etc, when I really don't have the time. Must have something to do with the warm fuzzy festive feelings floating around!

That said, this Sunday see's my last wedding cake for 2010, and even though I swore I would not be doing any cakes in 2011, I already have 6 orders in. (sucker for punishment?) Last Saturday, I catered a friends dad's birthday, which was a great success, but I was a broken woman the following day!

In my younger days, I catered a lot of functions, and seemed to keep going like a Duracell bunny...not any more! So, I have taken friday off, and the whole family are down the coast, and I can hopefully recharge my batteries, so that I survive the last week of madness:-)

With the weather being slightly grotty - bucketing rain, we decided to go out for morning tea, only to be met by holiday madness, and a long queue at the Waffle House. If you are ever down the coast, just past Margate, you have to stop in at the Waffle House. They have the most efficient, friendly staff, and the MOST delectable waffles I have ever tasted!

Bang went the diet, and along came a fresh waffle, smothered in butterscotch sauce, pecan nuts, cream and fresh banana's - absolutely delicious! And over yummy waffles and latte's, we started discussing Christmas dinner, and who will be doing what. I offered to do the gammon, as I just love the easy recipe that I demonstrate on the video on Youtube, so here it is, to make preparing your gammon at Christmas effortless:

1 gammon, boiled until done, and the skin removed.

Score the fat to make diamond shapes.

Stud the gammon with cloves in the centre of each diamond. 

Glaze: Mix together 3 Pkts Knorr sweet and sour sauce with 1 cup Mrs Balls hot chutney.

Spoon 2/3 of the glaze over the studded gammon, place in a roasting dish and roast in the oven at 180°C until the glaze becomes golden brown and the fat crispy. 

Keep basting with the glaze. Serve with salad or roasted spuds and vegetables.