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Meet Chef Wendy Croeser

Chef Wendy Croeser

Chef Wendy’s story is one of fate. She dabbled in various studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, but none of these directions got her excited. To pay off her hefty student loan, she started working at a catering company as a buyer and delivery person. It was here where she discovered her passion for all things food.

One day the kitchen was short-staffed and they asked Wendy to help out. It was this exact moment when she fell in love with food, the bustle of the kitchen and the adrenalin rush of pumping out the orders. Within two months she became a permanent kitchen staff member and within six months of that she had enrolled at the Christina Martin School of Food & Wine for a full time diploma in Culinary Arts.

Foreign Cuisine

I gained invaluable experience working in a chic Bond Street restaurant in London and at Le Cafe Du Marche, under Executive Chef Simon Cottard. My favourite dish is gnocchi – I love eating it and I love making it from scratch as I find it so therapeutic! I worked with an Italian chef from Lake Como who taught me to appreciate and love Italian food!

Special Skills

Having worked in many local hotels and restaurants I have grown to understand and appreciate the South African palate and wonderful array of ingredients available to us. I also owned my own business supplying fresh produce and exotic ingredients to the hospitality industry.

Food Loves

I love simple, wholesome food, with good strong flavours, beautifully prepared with little fuss. I believe that a diner should be able to see exactly what they are eating.

Source of Inspiration

To create recipes for Knorr Whatsfordinner, I draw inspiration from the different people I interact with and the challenges they face. They’re looking for nutritious, interesting, fuss-free dishes.

When I’m not Cooking

You will find me occupied by my two beautiful golden retrievers called Chester and Cody.