Pastas Dads Depend On

Dads, don’t pretend you’re only here because the title caught your eye. We all know the truth. 

You’re curious to see if your favourite pasta sauce is getting a little bit of limelight. And to your credit there’s a high chance that it very well is. To find out keep reading.

Perfect Piccata

If you’re a Piccata kind of dad, well done! Perfect for many reasons, Pasta Piccata is an amazing meal for any family and if you’re a dad who knows how to make it, he’s way ahead of the game. Simple and straight to the point, this incredible meal is all about the quality of your chicken, because it’s such a major focal point in the dish. 

The Ultimate Dadsta

Not to take away from the other amazing meals dads cook, this Smoky Bacon and Chilli Pasta should be every dad’s go-to option. Can you smell it already? The smokey aroma of the bacon mixing with the chilli, red peppers and carbonara sauce – it’s a serious treat. Make sure you serve yourself the biggest bowl of this possible. 


The one he taught himself in his first year at university, and he never lets you forget it, just like he never forgets the recipe. Chicken Alfredo, dad’s favourite midweek meal. It has everything a man could want and possibly more thanks to the vegetables. But believe us, when you’re looking back through your life at the moments that made your childhood fantastic, this is the one that will stand out in your mind. 

His New Fave

Heard of Basil, Lemon and Garlic Chicken Pasta? Maybe dad’s made it for you, maybe he hasn’t. If he has you would definitely know. So if he hasn’t make sure that tonight you are every reason he needs to do so. It’s a flavour-packed pasta delicious enough to convince you that dad’s cooking credentials can challenge the very best of them. Watch out Jamie, here comes dad.