Happy Kids

Get Crafting and Creating in Spring

Get your children’s creative juices flowing with some fun and entertaining activities that are perfect for Spring.

Have a look below at how you can stimulate their artistic imaginations, and teach them a lesson or two to carry with them through life.

Flex their green thumbs

Gardening is an awesome pastime that you and your family can enjoy together. It not only teaches your children patience and proper subsistence care, but also teaches them to respect all living things – from the tiniest of daisies to the greatest of ancient oak trees. Head off to your local nursery and go pick up some plants with your little ones, as well as some gardening essentials like a spade, a garden fork, bone meal and fertiliser.

Top-tip: Make sure that the soil that you are planting in has been watered, aerated and is light to the touch – everything rests on your soil’s shoulders.

Add some colour to the flowers that need it most

This is a really fun activity that you and your children can enjoy together. All that you have to do is go scouring for white flowers around your garden, or alternatively at your local park. Bring your freshly picked flowers home and place them in an old jar filled with water up to the half-way mark. Add a drop or two of coloured dye into the jar and watch in awe as your once-white flowers transform into crazy colourful creations.

Top-tip: We recommend using tulips and daffodils.

Create a ‘naturepiece’

Flower craft, as this fun and vibrant style of art is fondly referred to as, is a truly memorable way to bond with your kids in a creative and inventive setting. It is simple and cheap to do; simply instruct your little ones to pick the petals, leaves and stems off some of the most colourful flowers living in your garden or in your local park, and have them create wonderful works of art on top of thick card or paper. Add a little water-based paint to the mix and revel in the wonderful results.