Happy Kids

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Spring-cleaning can be one of two things; a trying task that will drain the energy out of you, or a fun family experience. It is all about how you approach it.

Whip out the thick-bristled brooms and the sharp-toothed rake, the diligent dusters and the green garbage bags, the squeegees, scrubbers, mops and old tops, and get to work as a spring clean team! 

Chores to do around the house

The arrival of Spring is the perfect time to gather and purge all of the old and unused objects collecting dust around your house. 

Declutter your cupboards

There is nothing like a good old cupboard cleanup to truly take stock of how much you have accumulated that does nothing but take up space! Go through all of your clothes, shoes and jackets and see what you actually wear week in and week out.

Top-tip: Collect all of the clothes that you no longer need and take them to a charity shop. Alternatively you can take them to work and do a clothing-swap with your colleagues.

Chores to do in the garden

Don’t forget about your garden – your outdoor areas need a little love and attention to welcome in the new season! 

Rake the leaves

Raking the leaves can be a real pain. There are always so many of them! The wind always seems to start howling just as soon as you begin gathering them up into piles – this is why speed is of the essence. That’s why we have created a game out of it all – one that the whole family can take part in. 

The rules are simple; you see which member of the family can rake the most leaves and create the biggest pile in two minutes, and the loser has to rake the piles all together and dispose of them into a refuse bag.