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The Kitchen Safety Checklist

From time to time every mom needs a little bit of help in the kitchen. Not a whole heap of help, we know you know how to handle your home But, every once in a while, a helping hand goes a long way. So we’ve put together the perfect Kitchen Safety checklist to make sure you have the help you need, when you need it. 

Fix Up the Fridge

A big part of your kitchen, the fridge is almost the heart of every home (aside from the dinner table). But do you know how to pack your fridge properly? What you do is: organise according to risk. On the top shelf, all the easy to break items, eggs, yogurts, etc. On the middle shelf, everything safe. And on the bottom, all the items you’ll store for a while as well as anything that might leak, like that raw poultry you’re saving for Sunday’s Classic Pot Roast Chicken lunch.

Stay Sharp with Knives

Knives are incredibly dangerous. So how you keep them away from your small kids is up to you, however what we recommend is: keep your serious knives out of reach. The handy, easy to use knives can live with the rest of your cutlery, but if you have a curious young chef in the house, it’s best to keep your super sharp, slice this Peppered Fillet Steak with a Brandy Cream Sauce knife somewhere they can’t get it.

Germs, Throw In the Towel 

If we told you your dish towels were where kitchen germs liked to hang out, would it surprise you? Always helpful for hot dishes, dish towels are exactly what germs need to spread all over your home. Even if you use them just to pass around a Homemade Chicken Mayo Pie. So when you can, give them a serious wash and try to rotate the dish towels you use during the year.

Take it to The Sink

The sink is one of the dirtiest places in your entire kitchen. Where you wash everything, it can quickly gather unseen germs you would never know existed. To make sure your kitchen is as clean as possible, disinfect your sink now and again to make sure that every dish you wash goes back into the cupboard as clean as you thought.