Stay Peachy with Pasta

Pasta is a food that you can enjoy on any budget, and is truly unique in the sense that you are never forced to eat the same type of dish again and again.

Pasta is real feel good food. It is versatile in ways that other foods simply are not. Keeping with our delicious dish of the month, have a look below for some tasty examples of pasta dishes that are not only a treat to eat, but a pleasure to prepare!

1) Traditional Spaghetti Bolognasie

Spaghetti Bolognasie is a timeless classic that has, and will always, feature in the recipe books of home cooks and chefs alike for centuries. This traditional Italian pasta dish has three key ingredients; beef mince, spaghetti, and a sachet of KNORR Spaghetti Bolognaise Dry Cook-in-Sauce. Oh, and one last thing; make sure you cook a little extra with this once because everyone is going to be coming back for seconds. 

2) Smoky Alfredo Pasta with Bacon and Chives

The perfect combination of feel-good ingredients, this dish is a real treasure to tuck in to! With the fantastic flavours brought on by the bacon, and the delectable sensations brought on by the succulent sauce, this dish is a must on those cold winter evenings at home. 

3) Creamy Haddock Pasta with Mascrpone and Peas

We like this one because it is a little different, yet still offers a warm and welcoming flavour with every bite. This fantastic pasta and fish-dish also plays host to our green and lean ingredient of the month – peas! We can’t wait to taste this scrumptious surprise.

4) Creamy Pasta with Butternut, Bacon and Blue Cheese

This creamy carbonara delight is the perfect mix of yummy ingredients and tantalising flavours. On a rainy winters evening, this dish will lift your spirits, warm your belly and have all those joining you for dinner, be it family or friends, coming back for more!