Happy Kids

Don’t let the rain get in the way of family fun

Don’t let a little rain dictate how you and your family should spend the day.

A little wetness never hurt anyone, and as long as you and your kids are properly protected with waterproof clothing and a positive mindset for the fun times to follow, you’re going to be all right. Have a look below for some wet weather entertainment that you and your entire family can take part in this winter.

1) Jump in puddles

Puddle jumping has been a rainy day, outdoor activity since anyone can remember. And why is that, do you ask; because people have never let a little water spoil their fun – and rightly so! Just make sure that your little ones are covered correctly with waterproof raincoats, gumboots and waterproof tracksuit pants. This way you aren't only teaching them about the importance of wearing protective clothing when the elements are uncooperative, but you are also helping them stay well clear of catching a cold.

2) Make mud boots 

A marvelous pair of mud boots are an awesome accessory that will not only make the aforementioned activity an easier affair to execute, but will also keep your kid’s shiny new shoes dry while they muck around in the mud. All you will need is a roll of duct tape, a pair of scissors, cardboard, insoles, socks and newspaper.

Place an old pair of shoes onto the card board, trace around them and cut out your new pair of mud boot soles. Slip these soles into an old pair of socks. Stuff the socks with newspaper to create your new boot’s form. Start applying your duct tape horizontally across the middle of the foot areas. Keep on taping until the socks are completely covered. Remove the newspaper inside, and slip on your new mud boots! Pray for rain and go jump around in the mud, minus the mess thanks to your new winter wear!

3) Make nature boats

Nature boats are a blast to create and even more fun to race! This fun outdoor activity will have you and your little ones start off by searching for components in your garden, in a local park or on the pavement. You will need to look for things like bark, sticks, leaves and string (we recommend that you buy a new roll of string). 

The next step is to assemble your (hopefully) bouyant boat with all of the elements you have collected. Once this is done, find a gutter next to or on the pavement with fast flowing water and let the race begin!

4) Round it all off with a warm winner

After a day spent dashing around and having a blast outside, bring your family indoors for a warm and welcoming treat that will shun any remnants of the cold and usher in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Traditional Spaghetti Bolognaise is a stove top favourite that you can trust and rely on to always satisfy. With its tasty ingredients, warm aromas and fun flavours, it is the perfect dish to round of a fun day spent purging puddles and running around in the rain.