The Benefits of Being Sweet

The Sweet Potato has earned it a fair spot in the healthiest foods category.

The sweet potato is a strange, delicious root vegetable, and one with an interesting history. Originally found in South America it’s versatile, healthy fibres and nutrients have earned it a rightful spot in the world’s healthiest foods category. For many a great reason. Read on for a few of our favourites.

Food for the Brain

One of many vegetables with vitamin B6 in it, the sweet potato is full of this fantastic, vital vitamin. And when we say vital, we mean it. Vitamin B6 helps your brain produce serotonin and other chemicals, which transmit signals in the brain. 

Mouthfuls of Goodness

For sweet potatoes to stay on the ‘good’ side of the great carbohydrate debate, it’s really important for you to eat them in the right way. So steer clear of frying them in cholesterol causing oils. Rather bake them, microwave them, mash them and love them. 

A little Controlling

If you’re wondering: how can a sweet potato be full of good sugar? It’s quite simple. They have a low glycaemic index. In other words, they release sugar slowly into the blood. That means no sugar spikes, and steady energy. 

Not to Stress

The super root also contains manganese. An interesting, cool chemical that helps the body metabolise carbohydrates, maintain your blood sugar levels, steady your appetite, and also helps your body put antioxidants to good use. Is there anything sweet potatoes can’t do?

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