Happy Kids

Winter Sport Feasts

It’s time to start planning your kid’s meals for during winter sport season.

With autumn here and winter about to arrive it’s important for your kids to get the meals they need to keep up their health and fitness during winter sport season. So we’ve made sure you know exactly what to cook – from homemade dinners to school lunch for a long, cold day. We won’t get into the finer details, but we promise you, they’re full of flu-fighting nutrients and unforgettable taste.

Mushroom Power

Do you know that mushrooms are capable of keeping you healthy? Well, they can. Thanks to the selenium in them, which, if you eat mushrooms regularly, can lower your chances of getting the flu. And it’s so easy to make sure you get all the selenium you need, especially if you’re serving up Easy Chicken, Mushroom and Red Pepper Stew.

Reliable Regulars

In truth, it’s possible that a lot of your regular winter food is doing a great job of protecting your family on a daily basis, particularly if you’re a fan of garlic, carrots and tomatoes. All deliver delightful amounts of vitamin C to the meals they manage their way into and could be the most widely used form of flu prevention in cuisine. 

Super Salmon

Salmon is highly regarded among all fans of food anywhere you go, but what a lot of people don’t tell you is that it can help you fight the flu. Thanks to its healthy deposits of vitamin D. A crucial helper in the body’s flu-fighting quest, it’s exceptional in this Cheesy Salmon and Broccoli Bake

The Sweetness

Cinnamon is a real all-rounder in the foods that fight flu department, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant offerings. So it’s kind of like a flu fighting super hero that makes almost everything taste better. And a great example of the flavour it brings is this Simple Tomato Bredie. Try it at home.