The Greenhouse

Beneficial guidelines for keeping your house cosy in an earth-friendly way

Green ways to warm your home

When the temperate drops, so the demand for heating appliances increases which means greater electricity bills and greater stress on the environment. Try and keep the costs low and your conscience clean with these useful tips for keeping your house toasty in a more earth-friendly way.

1. Heavy curtains to stop heat escaping

Insulate your windows by lining them with heavy curtains to prevent the heat from escaping. Use deep, rich colours to warm the room, as you’ll find it difficult to shiver with thick crimson curtains draped across the room. 

2. The heat starts with you

Instead of trying to heat the house, warm yourself up first! Try on your woolliest beanie and thickest pair of socks. The advantage of this, is once you’re kitted for the indoors, you’ll be ready for bike rides in Autumn and jogs in the cool and crisp air.

3. Our gaps are sealed

Seal up your gaps and cracks that allow the cold air to easily slip through. Doing so can save you up to 15 – 25% of heat loss! It’s a simple gap filler trick, plus your local hardware store will be able to give you some housewarming pointers too if need be.

4. Bring on the sunshine

Thankfully, Autumn still has many sunny days so it’s a good idea to make the most of all of the sun’s energy. Spot the sunny areas and the windows that attract the most sunlight and close the blinds or curtains to let the radiant heat in whilst keeping the cold at bay.