Happy Kids

The Power Comes from Within

A few tips on how to boost your family’s immune system

Boost your child’s immunity 

As the cold front approaches so does the need for better armour against the elements. Good health starts from within and we would like to share some tips on how to boost your family’s nutritional quota. 

1) Sugar-free and dairy-free

We all know why sugar is bad for you but dairy gets a mention too, as it can congest the chest and aggravate flu conditions. Dilute 100% fruit juice with water and look for other ways to sweeten your meals. Sweet corn could work, and beetroot is one of the sweetest plants you can find. Try and caramelize some onions with a bit of honey for a wonderful sweet addition that adds depth of flavour to any meal.

2) High quality protein & fats

Protein is one of the building blocks of the body, as it helps to build and repair tissues. Good quality protein can be found in all of the pulses, so try and give your kids an assortment of beans that showcase every colour. Try your hand at our delicious Spicy Mexican Pasta with Beans and Corn, and remember that the fats of butter and coconut oil play an essential role in immune health. 

3) Let them eat Zinc

Zinc can be found in spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and even white mushrooms. Give them this immune boosting mineral to beat most viral infections. Our Easy Butternut and Spinach Lasagne is a zinc delight that only takes 10 minutes to prepare!

4) Vitamin and vagabonds

The Vitaminc C deficiency disease, Scurvy was a killer among pirates and travellers at sea. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of teeth and wounds failing to heal. This vitamin really deserves the title of being called the ultimate germ fighter – so amp up the vitamin C by adding broccoli and red or green bell peppers to your dishes.