Touch up your roots

Beat the autumn chill with these heart-warming recipes

Beetroots, carrots, gem squashes and pumpkin are the gourds of the Earth and Autumn reminds us that these humble vegetables have been considered a staple in many societies for many years. Enjoy these hearty recipes that bring all of Autumn’s charm to life.  

1) Roasted vegetables with couscous and feta

This oven-baked treat includes red onion, peppers, mushrooms and our veggie of choice: pumpkin complete with a sprinkling of its very own seeds. Add cubes of feta to the forest and you left with a brilliant mix of purples, red and orange.

2) Sweet onion, baby marrow and Rosemary kebab

Little vegetables placed on a skewer is the perfect treat for this season. Add KNORR Veggie Bake and nature’s healthy gems will be beautifully glazed and bursting with flavour to enjoy. It only takes 10 minutes to cook, and the olive oil drizzle will subtly sweeten the tasty rows of veggies.

3) Roast potato wedges with a creamy butternut dip

Puree a sweet potato and mix with cream for a thick smooth sauce to accompany your well-seasoned potato wedges. Enjoy these wedges with a beef steak or chicken on the side or munch on these fibre-enriched spuds to beat the mid- afternoon energy crash.

4) Crispy potato, carrot and marrow cakes

Enjoy an assortment of vegetables frying in a wonderful basil pesto, egg and KNORR Three Cheese Pasta sauce batter - now that’s a mouthful! Try the lighter, bite-sized version to accompany a meal or to be enjoyed on its own.