Happy Kids

Eat Right without the Fight

Elude the dinnertime battle and get your kids to adopt good eating habits with the following assistance.

Changing your kids eating habits

No child is the same and those words ring true when it comes to children’s food preferences. If you battle with things like no peas touching, only partial to white foods and vegetable aversion, we’ve provided some assistance to get your kids to eat what’s good for them and adopt good eating habits to avoid the dinnertime battle.

1) Let it go

It’s tempting to use threats to coerce your kids to eat what’s on their plate. That only leads to a negative association with food and makes the power battle even more exhausting.  If they still refuse to eat, provide them with one or two other options as it makes them feel in control and less likely to rebel.  

2) NO meat please

So you’re worried that your child isn’t getting enough protein? No problem, there are many substitutes to meat that are equally good, if not better for meeting a growing child’s dietary needs. Most kids love cheese so our Gnocchi Mac and Cheese recipe should do the trick. Try adding hard-boiled eggs to their diet or even nuts, yoghurt, hummus and cottage cheese.

3) Vegetables, yuck!

Kids have been battling with broccoli for many centuries and it’s about time we win the war.  You can start by not separating the veggies from the other items on the plate. It can be intimidating for kids to see carrots and peas on their lonesome, just waiting for their turn to be eaten.  Make vegetables fun and SUBTLE. Opt for thin slices of baby marrow, or butternut - this Baked Vegetable and Cheese Frittata might be just what they need.

4) Not a colour in sight

If your child has food colour preferences, just add an extra dash of patience and you will find a solution. Even a love for white foods can be satisfied with a banana, soy milk and yoghurt smoothie. Try going half and half, i.e. half normal potato and half sweet potato to slowly introduce them to variety. Or take them to the market to see and experience nature’s vast and vibrant colours.