How To Be A Better Multitasker

Convenient KNORR recipes to make your day simpler.

KNORR ensures your meals are sorted so that you can focus on other things. We’ve provided 5 easy tips to alleviate the pain of having to do it all. With each tip, we’ve included a convenient KNORR Cook-in-Bag recipe which allows you more minutes in the busy, modern day.

It’s good to set aside time to give complex tasks your full focus. Take out one or two hours of your day to do so. Do these tasks when you are at most alert whether it be early hours of the morning or late at night. Maybe dinner can afford you some time.

First Things First

Try our Chicken Fillets, Potato and Butternut baked in a Bag dish. Put it in the oven and wait 50 minutes. Hmm we wonder what you could do with 50 minutes.

Plan Ahead

Set a distinct set of tasks for the day or the week and stick to them. Be realistic about these tasks so make some room for the unforeseen. You don’t need to juggle so many things at once although we might bend the rules a little when it comes to cooking. Our quick-to-assemble Creamy Lemon Chicken Cooked in a Bag recipe can be left for 50 minutes. We’ll give you the time and you can decide what to do with it.

Cell Phones

Don't answer emails or texts from other people whilst handling, or doing anything other, than what relates to that phone call. You’ll end up more frazzled and disconnected from the task you’re busy with-take one activity at a time and be present for each.

Luckily with our Cook-In-Bags you don’t have to monitor the food closely. Have a look at our Cooked-In-A-Bag Paella with Chicken and Peas recipe.

Exercise on the Go

No time for the gym? Find an opportunity to get moving. Do 10 sit-ups for every load of laundry you do. Run on the spot while the bathwater runs. We’ve afforded you 50 minutes with our Yoghurt and Coriander Chicken in a Bag. You’re welcome!

Waiting Time is Over

Even a moment of nothingness can give you the chance to do something productive. We are constantly waiting; waiting for a bus, waiting at the clinic, waiting at the supermarket. Take a Ziploc bag with you with forms you have to fill out or bring a pen and paper to jot down ideas for your home. For dinner we’ve arranged a BBQ Beer Chicken in a Bag meal which awards you a generous 50 minutes waiting time.