Happy Kids

Vitamins for the Little Ones

Immune boosting meals to lessen the chance of getting a cold.

Autumn brings a little chill in the air and that icy breeze needs a strong, resistant shield. While you, arm your little ones with coats and hats, we’ll sort out the food that works from within. We’ll take you through 5 quick immune boosting meals to reduce the sniffles.

Veggies Get a Roasting

Roasted Vegetables with Couscous and Feta

It’s hard to say no when veggies are given a good seasoning, a buttering and a crumbling of feta. Kids will really appreciate the crunch of the pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Turn this vegetable dish into a side dish by quickly popping chicken in a KNORR Cook-in-Bag Garlic and Rosemary recipe – wait for the results and rally the kids.

Veggie Dreamland

Vegetable Pasta Pillows

Stuffed pasta cut-outs add playfulness to this recipe. The KNORR Creamy Three Cheeses Sauce is a crucial element in disguising those treacherous vegetables.
The kids will most definitely appreciate the bacon rashers hidden in and among the greens.  Not to mention the 5 minutes preparation time - another fuss-free factor. 

Veg Out and Add Cheese

Cheesy Mixed Vegetable Bake

This dish is so good to look at. It’s a colourful oven-baked dish of veggie goodness. Toss everything in and sprinkle some cheddar cheese once it’s done. Serve on its own or place the veggies on the side of the dish and include a leg of lamb for a protein kick.

Sweet Veg On a Stick

Sweet Onion, Baby Marrow and Rosemary Kebabs

Think marshmallows on a stick and then replace it with vegetables. No, it’s not the same but kids will enjoy the attempt.  Take these delicious skewers outside to lend a sense of adventure – with the feel of a campfire.  Ensure that they handle the sticks with care and you’re all set for supper.

Honey Glazed Greens

Honey Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

The secret to this recipe is… yes you guessed it, gold trickling HONEY! When that seeps into the crispy vegetables, the little ones be able to resist it. A salad can stand alone but sometimes it loves a complementary companion. Why not try tossing some lamb chops in a KNORR Garlic & Rosemary Cook-in-bag to complete the duo?