To Know or Not To Know

A day just for you. A list of helpful hints and tips to ensure Valentine’s Day is planned out exactly how you envisioned.

A large part of Valentines Day’s charm is the knowledge that someone planned and prepared a special day just for you - to celebrate how special you are to them. So we’ve worked out a list of great date ideas for you to think about, hint at, or even arrange yourself to guarantee you have a great day.

A Beach of a Time

A very popular destination for new and long-term lovebirds is a soft, sandy beach. As the waves lap the shore and the sun flirts with all kinds of colours, it’s a great place to be with the one you adore. Combine the late evening with this wonderful Thai Curry and we promise you your valentine will be ecstatic at the end of the evening.

Going Up the Country

Thanks to February 14 being on a Sunday, you can take your beloved on a beautiful drive, stop at a scenic sanctuary for two and share a quiet day together in the country. A mesmerising way to spend the day, and one made even better with Chicken Fajitas to nosh on.

A little Luxury

Considered a classic option on the day of love, going to a restaurant is a great way to share the afternoon or evening together. But, don’t go to just any old restaurant. Our advice is to find a place you’ve never been to before, somewhere the two of you can talk (and laugh). So dress up, make an occasion of it, and be sure to book in advance.

More is Always More

Welcome to the crème de la crème of Valentine’s Day ideas; whatsfordinner’s perfect three-course meal. We start off, of course, with Chicken and Herb Vol-Au-Vents. Superb little bundles of flavour to set the mood and lead into our main: Roast Lamb Shanks in a Tomato, Wine and Herb Sauce. A meal made to deliver big mouthfuls of affection. And to finish it all off? Go for the ice cream of your choice, it’s always a lovely addition to the perfect meal.