A Bite of Romance

Plan the perfect Valentine’s Day menu for your special loved one with these 4 recipes.  

Valentine’s Day is a very special time of the year; everyone wants to make something special for the one they love. Full of inspiration and expectation, it’s the perfect time to let your cooking do the talking. So take a moment to read the recipes below, to find the perfect romantic meal.

No Foul Play

A great way to make sure you have a great Valentine’s Day is to go with something you know really well and change it up a little bit. A few new herbs here, a different technique there, and you can transform a household regular into a tantalising February 14th -  feast. Just like transforming your regular roast chicken into this Roast Chicken with Yellow Herbs.

Paradise on a Plate

Seafood is always a super option on big days and big occasions. Maybe it’s because some of us don’t eat it every day or because of its uniquely rich flavour, but whatever it is it’s a great meal to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. If your partner is a big fan of the deep blue’s tasty offerings, these Seafood Kebabs with Coriander and Cumin Sauce are all you need to express your affection.

A Classic Act

Roast Lamb with Mint and Rosemary Gravy is a classic Valentine’s Day dish for the experienced romantic. So it’s definitely worth considering if this is the year you want to step it up a notch. A long, slow process, it matures into multiple mouthfuls of perfection as long as you get it right. And we believe you’ve got what it takes.

Simply Sophisticated

Another approach to Valentine’s Day is the simple, elegant pasta route. With just a few ingredients you can create a masterpiece; one worthy of any Valentines celebration in any year, and any country. All you need to do is set the scene: light a few candles, lay down a white table cloth, play some soft romantic music, and this Pasta Primavera will go down like a dream.