Knowing is Half the Fun

Keep the kids busy this holiday. Festive Season crafts are a great way to keep them occupied while you whip up a feast.

Keep track of your vacationing ball of energy by giving them a summer task in craft projects. Sit down with your child and together, choose what you will make each day of the week. Utilise some leftover Christmas gift wrapping paper and cardboard and make a large, framed menu to hang in the kitchen. 

Use a black Koki and write the days of the week, and let your child write the dinner choice. Let them add glitter and anything else they want to decorate the week’s menu, and enjoy a well-deserved break to finish making a delicious Crunchy Chicken Liver Salad you can enjoy afterwards.

Beachside Glamour for Kids

Don’t let your child be caught at the beach playing with last season’s beach bucket and shovel. Supervise your child and let them decorate their normal droll beach bucket and shovel with gold spray-paint, Koki’s, superglue and rope – available at any craft shop or hardware store. 

Beachside glamour for mom

In case you forget your beach towel whilst trying to hustle your child out the door on beach day, spend less than an hour sewing a carry-all bag made out of towel/cloth that you keep in the car at all times for your convenience.