They’ll be Raw’ing for More!

A raw Christmas menu? It is even more delicious than you think. Find out more.

The Festive season usually means hosting many people in one’s home, and it can be is a stressful time where some strive to impress. Here are a few helpful hints to amaze your guests, excite your child, and ease your worries this festive season.

A raw Christmas menu may sound odd, but if done well, you need not include roast potatoes to avoid a terrible spread. Raw does not only mean salads, and the ingredients do not have to cost you a fortune. You can enjoy Mince Pies, meatloaf, Pizzas, and even Canapés. Try this Creamy Salmon Mousse, and experience a taste delight that’s surprisingly filling.

DIY Dinner

Stave off hunger pangs while cooking traditional festive feasts by starting a new tradition of letting your child help in quickly making Pico De Gallo. This uncooked Mexican salad/dip is simple and ideal for your family to enjoy with tortilla style chips. It won’t ruin their appetites for your robust Christmas dinner but it will satisfy your family’s peckish hunger.

The sincerest form of flattery

Save your child from forced sincerity by helping them make the best, most affordable Christmas gifts. First, buy plain mugs in bulk. Then ask your child to make a list of cute and/or funny names and phrases they call family members, or which superhero they liken them to. 

Let your child spend time online finding the perfect images for each family member, and get the words or images printed onto the cups. Get coloured paper and let your child make cards with Christmas well wishes and notes as to what their cup words/images mean. 

The gesture will garner giggles and genuine smiles, and leave your child euphoric with how worthwhile their hard work was.