Happy Kids

Fresh Fave for Kids

Let your kids’ meal match their vibrant energy. Make their plates colourful to ensure they are receiving all the goodness.

Kids are always changing their minds as to what foods they like. Yet it’s our responsibility as the parent to ensure they get their daily nutritional intake amid the demands of little mouths. Fresh and colourful ingredients in meals are automatically more appealing to children because of their vibrancy. Let them enjoy an easy-to-make Classic Greek Salad, drizzled with Knorr Light Greek Salad Dressing, and watch the first signs of decisiveness as they taste a new food favourite.

Classics can do no wrong

Offer your child an alternative to the Classic Greek Salad, with another perfect summer option – the Summer Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad. Made with summer’s most classic fruit, and topped with KNORR Greek Vinaigrette Salad Dressing, this salad can be made at home and enjoyed in edible portions throughout the day.

It’s all supposed to go together

A meal works when everything you put in your mouth makes your taste buds tingle in a nice way. If you have leftover ingredients from making your beach food or festive feasts, take some of the fresh ingredients like oranges, grapefruit and cucumbers, and make a smoothie with crushed ice. You and your family will stay hydrated with fresh bursts of revitalisation, so you can keep your summer energy going.