Happy Kids

Choose the Favourites

Fruits and vegetables don’t have to be your child’s nightmare, let them choose their favourties.
Kids can be fussy eaters – especially during the summer festive season. Mothers have to ensure their kids are getting everything they need to enjoy the holiday – especially if you’re heading to the beach or cooking festive feasts. Make each day of summer as fun as possible, from the moment everybody wakes up.
Let your child choose their favourite fruits and vegetables, their favourite meals and what meats they like the most. The WFD website offers a world of recipe options that incorporate wonderfully different ingredients, just like this Smoked Chicken and Citrus Salad topped with the best salad dressing - KNORR 

Hands on is the only way

Is there any summer food motto better than: “Easy to make. Easy to eat. Easy to clean up.”? We think not. Cut up some ingredients for healthy, ‘snackable’ and tasty quick meals like this Sundried Tomato and Basil Chicken Wrap, and let your child mix it up and package it for your beach day. Cutlery at the beach is annoying for children who have to sometimes be dragged away from sun, surf and sand to do essential things like eat, hydrate and stand by while their mothers layer them in sunscreen. Keep the beach fun with meals they made themselves, and that they can easily eat by hand.

Health and Hygiene

Prepare for every eventuality. The festive season, and all its joys, also brings with it stickiness, heat and languid days of eating and overindulging. Ensure all meat is cooked properly, find healthy alternatives when possible for foods rich in saturated fats, keep food in secure packaging and out of the sun and keep your Knorr Light Yoghurt and Herb Salad Dressing in the cooler box. When your trusted wet wipes run out, keep 2 or more handkerchiefs in the beach bag and soak them in the ice cold cooler box water to wipe away grime and other mess before and after your family eats.