Three Historical Dressings

The perfect salad dressing pairings. You will never have a salad without them again!

Is any salad as good without a little bit of dressing? We don’t know – we’ll have to try them all to find out. But, what we do know is that no salad dressing is what it appears. With names that very well be more deceptive than they appear and origins you would not expect, the history of salad dressings is rather interesting. Specifically, when you consider how important they are to our current culinary culture. 

Almost Italian

Unlike its name suggests, Italian Vinaigrette is actually about as Italian as boerewors. Originally from America, the world-famous dressing has been involved in the Western cuisine scene since roughly 1948, and for very good reason. Perfectly acceptable on almost all food types, from sandwiches to marinade and stir-frys, a delicious drizzle of Vinaigrette adds a wholesome flavour to whatever it touches that very few dressings can compete with.

As Greek As it Gets

A dressing with great history, Greek Salad Dressing's tremendous flavour comes all the way from the spectacular islands where it was born. As a continuation of the flavour that makes Greek salads so famous, the dressing has many different ways of being created depending on where you are in the world. However, to make sure every Greek salad you eat tastes like it was flown in fresh this morning, we make sure ours tastes as authentic as possible. 

Baby Blue

Another American dressing with international appeal, Blue Cheese Dressing has graced the world of food for quite some time now. Interestingly, Blue Cheese dressing does not have one specific style. Instead, it changes across America from East to West, North to South. In every home, in every state, the recipe of Blue Cheese dressing changes to suit the food that it’s going to accompany - a lovely lesson to keep in mind.