Scintillating Summer Steaks

Preparing the prefect steak has never been easier. These 3 recipes will have you family begging for more!

Steak is undeniably a national pastime in South Africa. No matter where you go, one man always knows more than his culinary compadre beside the braai. So, to put an end to all the time wasting that takes place before the coals are put to good use, we’ve thrown together a superb array of recipes for your family to try. 

The Steakwich

A meal synonymous with wonderful summer lunches, the Steak Sandwich has been a long-standing family favourite all over the world, not just in SA. And it’s all due to the meal’s unique meat requirement – it doesn’t have to be exceptional. With any kind of cut you can cook a glorious meal, precisely because you slice it up into bite-sized bits that make it really easy to eat. It doesn’t have to be exactly medium-rare to be perfect. 

Bear Food

One thing we have to say we admire bears for is their taste for Salmon Sandwich. A completely unique summer meal, with it’s own flavour and cooking style, salmon steak is a great alternative to red meat on a sweltering Saturday. Full of healthy omea-3 fatty acids, it’s a really healthy meal to enjoy throughout the day, that tastes just as good next to a big plate of chips as it does on top of a big salad, covered in KNORR Creamy Italian Salad Dressing.

New-Age Classic

The T-bone steak is probably the most beloved piece of braai meat on the planet. Soft, tender and juicy when perfectly cooked, it sends sheer joy into the heart of every person enjoying one as soon as they take a bite. And our Grilled T-bone Steak with Chilli and Garlic is about to set new standards in the history of this spectacular meat.