Happy Kids

Let’s Have a Pita Party

Find out the most delicious ways to prepare the perfect pita for your kids either as their lunch or dinner.

For some unknown reason, food that drips down your wrist as you bite into it tastes better than other food, especially for kids! And Pitas are definitely one of the best ways to prepare and eat such delicious food. Read on to discover a range of awesome recipes, so that you can send your kids off in the morning or welcome them home with a scrumptious pita.

Pita a la Veg

Not all pitas need a rich, meaty interior to satisfy your hunger, in fact, sometimes something as simple as a Sautéed Mushroom Pita with Humus is all you need. Rather cost-effective and ridiculously delicious, this tasty alternative to other traditional meaty pitas really puts a stamp on your taste buds with its rich flavour. Test it out on your kids on a hot summer day when they need to stay light on their feet.

Originally Indian

Tandoori chicken is a dish as famous as any other, and one that the whole world seems to reinvent time after time. But, trust us when we say this Tandoori Lamb Pita with Minted Yoghurt needs no reinventing! All the incredible flavours you have been waiting for in a dinner meal rest in every bite of this spectacular creation. Put this on a plate in front of your kids just once and your kitchen is guaranteed to have a brand new favourite meal. 

The Classic

Everybody has eaten a Pita like this before, because it’s just far too good to ignore. Ever. Really easy and quick to make,these delicious Pita Pockets with Lemony Lamb and Sour Cream will vanish off of their plates as soon as you put them down in front of your family. The smell alone will get the entire neighbourhood watering from the mouth, never mind those lucky enough to eat it. It’s exceptional!