Meals Worth Waiting For

The time for many delicious cuisines is now, especially seafood.

Summer is the time for many delicious cuisines, but none make the must-eat list quite like seafood. Great seafood, especially when it’s made at home, is one of the greatest culinary pleasures possible - to those that enjoy it, of course. So, whether you’re a huge fish fan, or new to the wonders of the deep blue, take a second to browse the recipes below to find something spectacular. 

Good, Better, Butternut

Of all the culinary creations that seafood has to offer, this Baked Butternut Stuffed With Creamy Bandied Prawns may be one of it’s finest. As soon as you sink your teeth into it waves of flavour crash over your tongue, before sweeping you back to your plate and commanding you to enjoy some more. It’s really, quite unbelievable.


A combination of different seafood in one meal always leads to a more magical dining experience, especially when you eat it on a kebab. With the kebab in your hands you can really enjoy every moment of each bite as you tuck in time and time again. Try this Seafood Kebab with Coriander and Cumin Sauce and you’ll know all about it.

Let Them Eat Cake

Fish cakes, that is! A simply tremendous source of soul-satisfyingly good seafood is the classic Fishcake and Chips. Probably one of the easiest fish dishes to make, it’s a great way to introduce a new seafood eater to the wonders of the sea, or enjoy a classic South Africa sunset with your family.