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Dress for Success

Take a look at the recipes we’ve prepared to find a few for you to try at home.

Incorporating more salads into your weekly meal plan is an easy way to save money and make sure your kids are eating really well. And sometimes, the right salad dressing is all it takes to break down the no-salad-for-me-thanks barrier that many kids seem to have. So take a look at the recipes we’ve prepared to find a few for you to try at home.

That’s Caprese!

Caprese delicious! A great, simple place to start your summer is this Mini Caprese Salad. You can eat it on its own or with a main course, especially with just the right amount of salad dressing, and its tasty textures will carry you all the way back to Italy – where it was first invented. 

Be Lambitious

Nobody said that salad has to be only lettuce and vegetables. Salad comes in many forms, and this Greek Lamb Kebab is the perfect example of that. Particularly, if you add it to a soft bed of lettuce, and dress it in KNORR’s exceptional Light Yoghurt & Herb dressing. Make sure that at least one of your summer nights is spent enjoying this, one bite at a time. 

Wrap it up

Sometimes the best way to eat salad is when it’s wrapped up in something else. That way, you can make sure that all the flavour is kept together, and every morsel has the right amount of taste and texture. Put these Sundried Tomato and Basil Chicken Wraps to the test in your house to see exactly what we mean.


If you’re not a fan of the fruit salad, we’ve got just what you need. Let’s call it: the cure! A Sweet Chilli and Paw-Paw Salad that will shake your taste buds to their very core. It’s light, full of flavour, sweet, crunchy and unforgettable. As a main course on a blistering hot day it will cool you down and ease you into a slow, blissful evening. And beside a large bowl of braai meet, well, it could be one of the most refreshing salads you will ever encounter.