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The Best Beach Eats

The perfect beach food treats. Try these delicious eats.

Something you should really think about, now that the summer months have arrived, is what kind of food you can take to the beach. On a long day down by the seaside, there’s nothing better than resting under the umbrella and savouring the perfect mouthful. Read on to learn more. 

Cracking Veg

The trick to beach food is making it easy to eat. You don’t need to make it too complicated, too decadent or too well rounded. You just need to make sure it’s tasty and easy to get from the container into your mouth. Exactly like these Butternut and Feta Phyllo Crackers.

Southern Flavour

Beach food needs to give your mouth something to look forward to, and your hands a reason to get really excited.  It’s got to be something you can customise on the spot, without making too much mess, and enjoy throughout the whole day. So, what do you do? You go Mexican. You go for Fish Tacos.

Something Spicy

Always having something that will bring your tongue to life on the beach, means making sure you have a spicy option. And a Crispy Chicken Salad With Sweet Chilli Dressing is a great way to do so! If you have family members that aren’t a fan of spicy food, make the salad, pack two salad dressings, and let them dress their own food.