Fantastic Finger Food For Lunch

Lunch is not just another meal filled with sandwiches and leftovers. Make the most of it and here’s how.

Most people make lunch a mildly mundane daily affair, enjoying a sandwich or leftovers as their midday sustenance. But, enough is enough! We want you to enjoy every single meal as much as the next. So we have put together the perfect selection of finger foods for you to peruse and prepare for your lunch.

Sticky Fingers

Possibly something you can make for dinner and enjoy as leftovers the next day, these Sticky Chicken and Pineapple Kebabs are lovely for lunch. They do take about 40 minutes to make, so it’s probably best if you prepare them the night before. But, trust us; the second you bite into one you will know they were worth the effort.

Hot Stuff 

A mildly messier option than our other suggestions, these Stuffed Baby Marrows are absolutely marvelous. Light and meat free (perfect for #MeatFreeMonday) they flow with an incredible flavour that will turn your taste buds upside down. Every bite is a journey of flavour into the heart of the Mediterranean cuisine scene that the world has been obsessed with for years. 

Sliced and Diced

Sometimes – for lunch – it’s best to stick with something simple; simple, but exceptional. And these Sautéed Mushroom Pitas with Hummus certainly fit that description! Ready to devour in just 15 minutes you can whip them up in no time (in the morning or night) and head out the door with a fantastic ready-to-eat meal in your bag. 

A Chicken Classic

In all honesty, what kind of lunch (other than those above) can compete with a Crispy Chicken and Pineapple Wrap with BBQ Sauce? Probably a handful. It’s the type of meal you can make for yourself at any time of the year, and every time you do so, get flat out excited to enjoy it. This incredible finger food ‘superstar’ is such a tasty way to enjoy your hour off that you’re sure to lose yourself in every bite.