Happy Kids

Lighter Delights for Spring

Make sure your kids meals are about quality and not just quantity.

Now that your kids can spend more time outside, it’s time to start thinking about the size of their meals as much as the quality of their food. Instead of making sure they eat a big, healthy meal, let them decide for themselves by keeping a few light meals ready and waiting. And don’t worry! As long as they’re easy to eat and simple to make, there’s no way you’re going to make a mistake. 

Cool as a Cucumber

Very few vegetables can match the unbelievably cool, refreshing flavour of a delicious cucumber! Plus, in a salad, they are even better. They make it feel like spring is actually in your mouth. And this Cucumber Salad is the perfect example of their prowess – drizzled with a fresh dressing, paired with creamy feta cheese, it’s just delicious. 

Ka Pao!

On days when the weather is a little dreary, Kung Pao Chicken is the ideal light meal for your kids to come home to. You can eat it with or without rice, depending on how hungry you are, savour it at any hour of the day and its incredible flavour will never let you down. In fact, it could even give your kids extra inspiration to come inside.  

My Thai

A little known fact about Thai food is that it’s even tastier when the weather is perfect. So, with spring’s sunshine beaming down on us all make sure you keep a bowl of this wonderful Thai Butternut and Chickpea Curry in your fridge. With enough for two days, your kids will tuck into without any hesitation. 

That’s a Wrap

Sundried Tomato and Basil Chicken Wrap could be the light, springtime meal that sums up the season best! Make them for dinner during the week, make sure you have enough leftovers for your kids to craft them the next day, and they will eat every morsel. Quick, simple and full of flavour, each bite they take will turn into a mouthful of happiness.