Happy Kids

Who Said Homework Had To Be Boring?

It’s back to school for the kids and that means back to homework. 

But homework doesn’t need to be boring, try these tasty activities.

The school term is in full swing and you know what that means: homework in the afternoons. After-school learning doesn’t need to be a chore, though. These tasty activities will add some fun to homework time and give your kids that extra boost in the classroom.

Sweet space exploration 

Take your kids to outer space with this simple but yummy way to explain the phases of the moon. All you need is eight Oreo cookies and a knife. First, cleanly split the cookies in half so that the icing is fully intact on one half. Use your knife to carve out the different lunar phases in the icing, laying them in a row as you explain each one. Then get your child to repeat the different phases they’ve learned. The reward for a right answer? Eating the cookie, of course!

Biscuit Spelling Bee

If your children needs to improve their way with words, this tasty game will soon have them at the top of the spelling class. Bake a tray of small biscuits and ice them with water-based icing. Once the icing has hardened, pipe a different letter onto each biscuit. Remember to make sure that the icing is thick enough to keep it from running. Now give your child words to spell out using the biscuits. Once the lesson’s done you’re left with tasty treats to enjoy!

Clock cupcakes

Is it time to learn to tell the time? These delicious delights are just what you need. It’s easy. Bake a batch of large cupcakes and cut off their tops to make them flat. Ice them and thinly pipe numbers around the edge to create a clock’s face. Then give your kids thin strips of liquorice to use as clock hands. You give them a time, they use the liquorice to position the hands in the right place!

Droolicious Pizza Maths

All kids love pizza and, once they’ve had this maths activity, they’re going to love fractions too! Once you’ve baked your pizza to cheesy perfection, don’t rush to cut it into slices. Start by cutting it in half, then in quarters, then in eighths, explaining how fractions work as you go. Then, before you devour the delicious pizza, ask your kids a few questions like, “How many slices equal a half?” or “What fraction is left over if I take away four slices?” It’s a maths lesson they’ll never forget!