Spring into Action

Spring is the time for DIY. Learn how to make your own herb box.

With the sun finally showing its face again, we think it’s safe to say that now is the time for DIY! Grab your tools, prepare some space and let’s put together a beautiful herb box for your home. Then you can get your kids down to the nursery, bring home some lovely herbs and start growing your own!

The easiest way to make your own herb box is by simply repurposing an old wooden wine crate. They are usually available at your local wine farm (a good excuse to go for a picnic) and make it very easy to create something special for your home.

What you need:

·         1 x Wooden wine crate

·         1 x Hammer

·         Dark wood varnish

·         1 x Brush

·         Black bags

·         Soil

·         Seeds

Once you have the wine crate, use your hammer to pull out all of the wood inside it – without breaking the crate.

Then, clean it out and varnish it. Don’t make the crate too dark, because it will get a bit too hot when the sun is in full force.

Now, line the inside of the box with the black bags and add the soil. Once the soil is in, tear the edge of the black bag and use it to tie the bag to the box.

Repeat the process to create as many herb boxes as you need!

When they’re ready, put them in your garden or have them hung up outside somewhere and plant your herbs. You’re about to grow everything you need to transform your food and get creative every time you’re ready to whip up one of your famous recipes.