Happy Kids

Herb’s For Home

Get your little helper to assist you in building the perfect herb garden at home.

Thanks to wise, old Mother Nature, spring is the best time of the year to grow herbs for your home. The sun isn’t hiding from us anymore, soft spring showers gently water the earth and it’s not too hot to work outside. But, you need to know what to grow, to make sure that your hard work helps you in the kitchen. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve put a list together of herbs for you to consider.

Give this a read, grab your kids and head to the nearest nursery to make sure you’ve got the herbs you want in your home.

Brilliant Basil

Almost everyone’s favourite friend in the kitchen, basil is a wonderful ‘all-purpose’ addition to your garden. In casseroles, with eggs, fish, chicken, in salads and sauces it’s just plain delicious. It’s a great ingredient to have around the house, and really takes any dish to a whole new level.

Happy Thyme

Considered one of the most versatile herbs, thyme has found its place in the heart of the world’s top chefs – be they moms or professionals! In fact, thyme has been part of culinary traditions since the Roman Empire was still in charge. Add it to a big bowl of our famous Country Sausage Hot Pot for a scrumptious Sunday lunch.

Rustic Rosemary

This woody, fragrant herb is an incredible herb to have around for two reasons: cooking and smelling! When you’re not cooking with it, its natural aroma wafts through your house and transports you to the Mediterranean. In this Pan-Roasted Chicken Pieces with Rosemary it will take your breath away.

Playful Parsley

This delicious and vibrant herb has both wonderful cooking and healing properties. Now, it’s not the world’s most popular herb, because of its mildly misunderstood flavour, but in a big bowl of salad it adds a layer of flavour unlike anything else. Try it out for yourself in this Old Fashioned Potato Salad> next week!