Kitchen Safety Crash Course


Kitchen Safety Crash Course

4 important lessons every little helper needs to know when giving mom a hand in the kitchen.

Cooking with your kids is always a blast! They bring so much life and energy into every moment you share together. But, you need to know how to cook safely to make sure the fun never stops. 

Here are our four favourite kitchen safety tips to keep the fun going all year long:


In the kitchen, knives and forks are often left upon counter tops, as well as pots full of hot food, which can lead to all kinds of danger. Make sure your kids wear closed shoes while they cook with you to protect their toes from anything that might fall or be knocked over. 

Wash them Veggies

Vegetables, especially fresh vegetables, usually carry little bits of dirt on them, which makes washing them very important. To teach your kids about the dangers of dirt, make them wash all the vegetables you need to cook this delicious Cheesy Leek and Spinach Bake and then put it together.

Knife Skills

When you teach your kid to use a knife, the most important lesson that you can teach him or her is to cut away from their body. Cutting this way really reduces the room for silly errors. Teach your kids this trick the next time you cook a Creamy Chicken Stew for a stress free culinary relationship.

Helping Handle

An all too common mistake made in the kitchen occurs when people leave the handle of a hot pot sticking out over the edge of the stove. If a child bumps into the handle or grows curious and reaches out to grab it, they can spill all kinds of hot food onto themselves. Protect your kids by cooking with the handles over the stove to make sure they are super safe.