Bags of Fun for Everyone

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Bags of Fun for Everyone

KNORR’s Cook-In Bags let you get dinner on the table with no mess, and no fuss.

Sometimes, the easiest solutions are right under our noses. KNORR’s Cook-In Bags let you get dinner on the table with no mess, and no fuss – the flavour is there and even your kids can join you in the kitchen while you prepare. 

KNORR’s Cook-In Bags were created to make your life as stress-free in the kitchen as possible. That’s why we suggest getting your children involved as the steps are simple and easy to follow – plus it gives you an extra, and eager, little set of hands to speed up the process! The cook-in bags don’t require extra careful handling but the more intricate steps can be left to the more seasoned of cooks (that’s you!). 

Cook-In Bags are especially handy to have when you need to get the goods in the oven, and fast! Your kids can even help in 3 easy steps:
  • They can place the chicken and other ingredients (like peas or carrots) in the bag
  • Roll the pieces around to ensure to spread the flavour across ingredients
  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon for added flavor and juice (optional but fun for kids!
You can take over from there! So, if you find that your kids are more of a hassle than a help in the kitchen, give them an easy and safe task that keeps them busy, productive (and always learning) in the kitchen. The first time they get involved might be a bit challenging, but the next time will be a breeze – as they’ll start to feel more confident in the kitchen and really become a great help to you as you prepare dinners. Here are some great Cook-In Bag recipe ideas that they will love Lamb Casserole with a Hint of Rosemary and Honey and Mustard Chicken Breasts in a Bag.